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Solutherm, Solutions in Thermodynamics

Solutherm, Solutions in Thermodynamics, was founded in 1999 by ir. Pieter Jellema and dr. ir. Jelle Nijdam. Since then, Solutherm has built up a wide experience with consulting and innovations and delivers practical, creative solutions for technical bottlenecks and process improvement in the disciplines of heating, cooling and drying.

Finding solutions is a dynamic process, whereby different aspects need to be considered simultaneously, such as technical limitations, costs, space availability, environmental aspects, cleanliness, energy use and sound effects. The first idea is therefore usually not the best. Solutherm goes deeper, from theoretical as well as from practical perspective.


Process simulation

The complexity of thermal processes is frequently underestimated. The modeling of such …

Technical management consulting

Taking decisions in the field process or production modifications requires profound insight …

Process evaluation

Enhancing existing processes and the development of new innovative systems is an …

Research and Development

Research and Development can provide companies strategic advantage over the competition, from …

Energy conservation

Saving energy is a necessity, but is not a separate goal. Implementation …

Process optimization

The optimization of processes usually yields considerable cost savings, through minimization of …

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