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Impingement cooling and freezing

Solutherm has brought the impingement technology into perfection, making use of air as a cooling means in an extremely efficient way. This efficiency comes forth from the specific arrangement of small, high velocity air streams by which product surface is exposed to the air stream, yielding high convective heat transfer values which can not be established using air in any other way. The required fan power is furthermore kept at a minimum, by minimisation of the air flow rate.

Impingement cooling and freezing is mainly applicable for thin or loose products, which have to be cooled or frozen at high rates.

Examples:The impingement technology is widely used by Solutherm, for cooling as well as freezing applications. Some examples:

  • Precooling of centers for chocolate bars.
  • Final cooling of chocolate.
  • Freezing of a coffee slurry on a stainless steel belt, before the grinding and freeze drying processes.
  • Cooling of potato croquets.
  • Drying of a sugar concentrate on cookies.

Projectcase “Cooling”: Confectionary
A standardized impingement cooling tunnel has been developed for cooling applications, which can be equipped with all available types of conveyor belts. Features of this novel design are: modular construction, product freely accessible via hinged hoods, easy to clean, air transport to and from the tunnel fully integrated in the construction and a unique, compact design. The specially developed impingement nozzles ensure furthermore that the energy consumption for air circulation is 30% to 50% lower than for other, conventional impingement systems. The tunnel is available in two versions: “High Impingement”, for products that require intense cooling and “Mild Impingement”, for products where high heat transfer is less effective. The design has been successfully implemented several times within the confectionery industry.

More information
The impingement cooling tunnels have been developed in close cooperation with Orangeworks. Orangeworks designs, manufactures, supplies and installs process equipment worldwide, amongst others in the food and beverage industry. Orangeworks and Solutherm each contributed to the end result from their own expertise and perspective during the development of the modular “High” and “Mild” impingement cooling tunnels. This approach has already led to success many times and now offers a head start through insight and innovation. For more information, see Website Orangeworks

Projectcase “Freezing”: Coffee concentrate
Coffee freezers basically consists of a stainless steel transport belt with impingement freezing modules above and below this belt. Pre-crystallised coffee slurry is pumped on the transport belt, forming a slab with a homogeneous thickness. The slab is subsequently transported through the impingement freezing tunnel, to become entirely frozen. Cold air is hereby brought into intense contact with the coffee surface, to achieve a well defined rate of freezing, yielding:

  • optimum preservation of the natural brown colour;
  • minimised energy consumption for refrigeration and fans;
  • minimised snow formation in the coolroom

More information
Impingement freezing applications for the soluble coffee industry have been developed in cooperation with Ipco Process systems. Ipco is the global market leader in the manufacture and supply of steel belts and various process machinery, for the chemical and food industry, with a world-wide network of offices and sales representations. Ipco and Solutherm have contributed to the successful development of the impingement coffee freezing technology each from their own viewpoint and expertise. For more information, see Website Ipco

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Impingement cooling and freezing

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