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June 2023: E²E SteamClosure

At the beginning of this year, the E²E SteamClosure developed with Tummers was installed and successfully commissioned at a potato processor in Belgium. The E²E SteamClosure collects the vapours from a drum dryer and discharges it in pure form, i.e. 100% steam to the so-called FlowCondenser, that has also been developed for this purpose. The FlowCondenser converts the heat from the condensed steam into 95°C water. This way, the new E²E system mitigates all vapour and odour emissions from drum dryers, generates high-quality energy and clean water. The  patented SteamClosure thus forms a new, valuable component in the E²E “Emission to Energy” process solutions. Tummers and Solutherm take care of the entire process, from process design, manufacturing, installation to commissioning.

More information: SteamClosure.

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