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Sublimax® Dry condensing

The quality of refined edible oils and fats is to a great extent determined by the final phase of the production process: deodorisation. In this phase fatty acids, odours and other volatile components are removed from the oil by bringing the oil in intense contact with steam at high temperature and low absolute pressure (vacuum). The low pressure, typically between 2 and 5 mbar, is controlled by a vacuum system. This so-called ‘Dry Condensing’ system, enables the mixture of steam, fatty acids and other volatile components from the deodoriser to be removed and condensed on a cluster of internally cooled tubes. Dry condensing systems always consist of 2 or more condensers containing cooled tubes, a refrigeration plant for the internal cooling of the tubes, a small vacuum group by which non-condensable components are removed and a warm water vessel in which tubes are defrosted and cleaned after a period of freezing.

Sublimax® Dry Condensing
Solutherm has developed in cooperation with the company Desmet Ballestra a new, improved Dry Condensing system, with the name the Sublimax®. The most important characteristic of the patented Sublimax® system is the vertical orientation of the condensers, which brings along the following advantages:

  • Refrigerant evaporation from thin films (falling films) with high heat transfer and constant evaporation temperature (no glide).
  • Efficient, thorough cleaning of the exterior surfaces of the tubes, by external rinsing with warm water.
  • Self-draining of refrigerant (from the tubes) and water (from the shell).
  • Absence of thermal stresses, due to free moving upper ends of the tubes.
  • Minimal possible refrigerant mass.
  • Highest possible energy efficiency.

Over fourty Sublimax® systems worldwide have been successfully taken into operation.

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Sublimax® has been developed by the fruitful Research and Development cooperation between Desmet Ballestra and Solutherm. Desmet Ballestra has offices in 15 countries and representations in another 22 countries. Desmet ballestra is a ‘’Global Solution Provider’’ in many different markets, amongst which oil refining and a supplier of production plants and process equipment to the latest technologies.

Desmet Ballestra and Solutherm have contributed to the successful development of Sublimax® each from their own viewpoint and expertise. This approach of R&D has frequently proven its effectiveness and provides also this time strategic advantage from innovation.

For references and more information, see: Website Desmet

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Sublimax® Dry condensing

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